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I wish, like Brian Johnson, I could take off the time to head to Bali, or somewhere equally divine and exotic, to spend my days meditating, writing, exercising, reading and working through programs. [Brian has just returned to the US after taking a year off to work on his Philosopher’s Notes.] Or maybe I don’t really wish that, because truthfully, I’m not the type of person who sits lazily on the beach.  I’m the one that’s tracking down obscure museums, used bookstores that have old editions of books that I love, quirky people and places wherever I am.  But I digress.

Several folks have emailed me with suggestions of how I should pursue my quest [I almost feel like I should have written My Quest.]  I have recommendations to start and end my day with Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits DVD,  Centerpointe’s Holosync Meditation CDs or Chunyi Lin’s Spring Forest Qigong.  It’s been suggested that I dive right into Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits, Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, Janet Attwood’s Passion Test and Sonia Choquette’s Your Heart’s Desire.  And of course, I have an entire bookcase full of books, CDs and DVD programs, not to mention all the live programs out there.

I’m going to decide where to begin later this week.  But first I’ll do what I always do when starting something new…prepare.

I’m a great preparer.  I like to ensure that I have created the optimum setting for anything I pursue.  I set up all my environments for success: create physical space, mental space and space on my calendar.  I make sure I have the right “tools” (when I joined the gym my husband asked if that meant I needed to buy all new gym clothes…I hastily said “no, I have what I need”, but the truth is I did buy new sneakers, and I’m still looking for the perfect gym bag.)

For My Quest, I am going to create a perfect space for introspection, meditation and creativity.  I have several places in mind…a corner in my bedroom with a window and lounge chair…a corner in my living room where I can also set up a mini fountain (I love the sound of water) with a cushy chair and ottoman…or perhaps I will set up an entire room upstairs in an unused space that overlooks the tree tops.  (I’m liking that idea a lot!)  I guess I had better get to work on that (in between clients and exercise classes.)  😉

In the meantime, if you have suggestions for programs/books/retreats, send them my way.


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Donna Karlin posted a new OnGrowing Challenge over on Transformational Girlfriends.  She wrote,

” my challenge for this week is, what book are you going to start reading with the intention of finishing it?”

For me, finding a book to read is never a challenge (the clerks at Borders and the librarians at the county library all know me by name.)  And actually, there are two books I am currently reading that I plan to finish this week: Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel (about corporate blogging) and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins (you must read this book.)  I also decided to re-read the first personal development book I ever read, Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.  [I first read this when I was 14!]

Dr Maltz  was the first to understand and explain the concept that a person’s self-image controls their ability to achieve (or fail to achieve) a goal. In many ways, he paved the way for all future self-improvement programs and ultimately to the field of coaching.   I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the book.

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